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Grant Opportunities for Non-Profit Organizations

There's ALWAYS money available to non-profits who are currently, or we looking to, make a difference in an way that benefits the greater good. But it's important to understand what and who you're competing against, and what grant funders want to see from your organization and from your application for funding.

What Do I Mean by That?

Every grant application should be viewed as a "competition"- because whichever applicant(s) tell the best story with the strongest need of assistance, making the biggest impact, is who wins the funding.

Here's a few examples of initiatives that are easy to find funds for, and that typically are funded the most:

  • Mental health awareness

  • Poverty eradication

  • Social justice & social welfare

  • Economic justice

  • Racial injustice

  • Veteran affairs

  • Hunger relief

  • Child abuse, welfare, and hunger

  • Economic development

  • Community development

  • Crisis management

  • Homelessness and affordable housing

What do funders want to see from you?

Funders primarily need to see the following (and not JUST in your grant application):

  • That they can trust you

  • That you know how to manage money

  • That you have someone on staff (if not yourself) who will responsibility allocate and document the use of the funds that they give you

  • That you'll use the funds EXACTLY how you say that you will

  • That you'll use the funds ONLY in the manner that the grant program allows*

If you apply for funding to "hire a housing specialist to address your low-income housing initiative", then your bank account transactions, receipts, invoices, and actions need to show that, and only that.

Other Areas & Ways That Your Work Needs to be Showcased

  1. Online (I.e., your website)

  2. On social media (yes, you should have at least one social media account for your non-profit where you engage with the public, solicit action in support of your initiatives, and share your work.


The simplest way to put it, is to think about it from their perspective:

If someone who've never met before is asking you for money, that you won't be getting back l, AND you have to choose between a handful of needy people asking you for the same funds, but for different reasons; wouldn't you have a few questions?

Wouldn't you want to trust that they'll use the money how they say they will?

Wouldn't you want to make sure they're doing something worthwhile with it?

Wouldn't you love if they were using it to help others, and not just themselves?

Well, there you go😊


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