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The Migraine Journey

Finding YOUR Individual Process is Key to Keeping Migraines at Bay

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Migraine Resources

This is something that I've wanted to do for a VERY long time now: creating a database of resources, supplements, stories, recipes, tried and true tricks, all of the above!

Since having a full onset of vestibular migraines in 2018 (in the heat of the pandemic!) I've learned how mentally, emotionally, and physically debilitating having migraines is. As a result, I did all of the testing necessary to rule out any other conditions, started finding specialists that truly listened to me and my specific concerns, and started doing my own research on vestibular migraines, as compared to other types of migraines. I learned SO much along this journey- so much that brought me out of being fully handicapped and dependent upon my husband to do literally everything for or with me, to being fully independent again (how I like to be lol) with a few lifestyle changes. The best parts about this experience:

  1. That all of the changes led to a healthier lifestyle that everyone should strive towards, sick or not

  2. It taught me to advocate for myself and my needs

  3. That life is short! Now I appreciate the small things more than the big ones.

Stay tuned as I build out a go-to resource for those of us who are still looking for solutions to get back to some form of normal. It's possible!

Brittany McCoy

What I Plan to Share

  • Drug-free migraine prevention & treatment

  • Finding the best doctor or specialist for you

  • Understanding the immediate and long-term impact of medications that "work" for migraine prevention, but weren't created for it

  • Best migraine prevention supplements

  • The benefits of focusing your efforts on prevention over treatment

  • The physical and mental impact of weight training, cardio, meditation, and yoga

  • Typical migraine triggering foods & additives

  • Finding the best migraine-friendly diet for your lifestyle & personal preferences- ultimately a diet that you can stick to you, without feeling deprived of the things you love

  • Common triggers that most people don't know about


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