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Monthly Educational Video Plans

Learn to Do Things on Your Own

  • Econo Insight: Economic Development

    Every month
    Bi-Weekly Video Content Straight to Your Inbox
     7 day free trial
    • Infrastructure investment
    • Job creation and employment
    • Business retention and expansion
    • Entrepreneurship and startups
    • Workforce development
    • Industry diversification
    • Tourism development
    • Real estate development
    • Access to capital and grant funding
    • Public-private partnerships
    • Community development and quality of life factors
    • Smart cities and urban planning
    • Broadband access and funding
    • Retail recruitment
    • Beautification efforts
    • Downtown and main street development
    • Real estate reuse and redevelopment
    • Preservation projects and grants
  • Business Brilliance: Small Business

    Every month
    Bi-Weekly Video Subscription to Your Inbox
     7 day free trial
    • Digital marketing strategies for small businesses
    • Effective time management for small business owners
    • Customer relationship management (CRM)
    • E-commerce essentials for small businesses
    • Building a strong brand identity
    • Human resources and employee management
    • Strategies for business growth
    • Networking and building business relationships
    • Health and wellness for entrepreneurs
    • Sustainability in small business operations
    • Crisis management and business continuity
  • GrantWise Insights: Grant Funding

    Every month
    Bi-weekly grant writing and management tips directly to your inbox
     7 day free trial
    • Grant writing essentials
    • Finding the right grants
    • Understanding grant guidelines
    • Grant application process
    • Budgeting for grants
    • Building a compelling case or "story"
    • Grant evaluation and reporting
    • Navigating rejections
    • Sector-specific grant tips
    • Grant writing workshops
    • Funding trends and opportunities
    • Compliance considerations
    • Capacity consideration
    • Grant funding for startups
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